About Under the Crossbar

About Under the Crossbar

Under the Crossbar is a blog espousing the game of soccer as applied by Utah’s MLS club, Real Salt Lake. I write daily (or strive to, at least) about the club, the game and the league, though I’ve been known to occasionally ramble on a bit.

Admittedly, I vacillate between “soccer” and “football” but I assure you, I don’t mean to pass judgment on either term. Typically, I will use football when discussing the game outside of the United States and soccer in, but I’m not exactly going to be the most consistent in this matter.

During any given home match, I can typically be found sitting in section 35.

Information found on the blog comes from a variety of sources, including official press releases, player and coach interviews, and club sources.

The photos accompanying each post, unless otherwise noted, are courtesy and copyright of Real Salt Lake.


Under the Crossbar can be contacted at utc@underthecrossbar.com.


Under the Crossbar is written by Matthew Montgomery and includes occasional postings from dedicated fans, including El Güero and Cameron Brinkerhoff. Anyone interested in joining the Under the Crossbar team is encouraged to contact via the contact form or via the email address above.