Promising young Nico scores for reserves; Supporters March video

Promising young Nico scores for reserves; Supporters March video

The middle of the week is always when the week feels its longest, I think. There's no real controversy in saying that, is there? The problem is, I suppose, that the most recent match is equally as distant as the next match is close. It all rather hurts the head a bit.

The middle of the week usually brings the least news as well. That will change with our first mid-week match, but as it's not today, everything's sort of plodding along. There was a reserves match, though I didn't make it out. The ever-effervescent Kevin (@kevandkimj) was there and got some nice video of one Nico Muñiz snagging a goal.

That little Nico lad looks to have a good eye for the long shot. That's always quite nice in a midfielder. Is it too early to call him the new something or other? How about the new Robert Pires or Ryan Giggs? Too early? What's that? Far too early? And unjustified? And baseless?

I thought so. In all seriousness, there's something refreshing about Nico, who, by all reports, is a good kid and a good talent. I do hope we see him on the pitch for the first team sometime soon, but not because we're forced into playing him. That would be a shame, and injuries are never what one should wish for. No, I'd rather he just showed he was absolutely ready and forced himself into the picture. I'd hate to rush him, though, and in time, he should be ready. There's certainly a reason we agreed to sign him from the academy before he was eligible to play, and part of that must be that he's got real potential. At any rate, that was a nice goal, wasn't it?

* * *

Also coming from Kevin (of 100 or 200 words above this — I've not counted, but I'm guessing here) is this video of that one song. "Beneath"? No, that's not it. "Be Leaf"? No… Oh, right. "Believe." This is from the NYRB match and is a great video. It really shows the scale of the thing. Impressive stuff, but let's get even better next time.

Right, not much else today. I'll try to secure an injury update tomorrow by culling through interviews, but I don't suspect we'll have too much new before Friday.

'Til tomorrow!