News Roundup: Olave, Yalvarez join Twitter, Beltran out, Borchers returning

News Roundup: Olave, Yalvarez join Twitter, Beltran out, Borchers returning


Let's begin with a news roundup today, because there are a few items of note — nothing earth-shattering, mind, but what I'll call the Andy Williams Quest to Get Everyone on Twitter is continuing forward, and there are a few squad health updates to discuss.

First, it does appear that Tony Beltran will be out with a strain, given what Jason Kreis said last night.

This should open up a chance for Terukazu Tanaka to start. Tanaka went 90 minutes in the reserves game last night against FC Dallas.

* * *

Speaking of reserves, that match also saw Nat Borchers go the first 45 minutes, and apparently it was without major incident. That's quite encouraging, as it's the first step he needed to take to come back to full fitness and return to the Borlave partnership. I'd be surprised if he's not in contention against Chivas USA at the RioT, but I do think Saturday will be too soon for him.

Also in the Reserves match, Emiliano Bonfigli netted a goal (assisted by Cody Arnoux), Jonny Steele continued his quest for fitness by going 90 minutes, and academy player Jordan Allen played a half-hour of action.

* * *

Two more players have joined Twitter: Jamison Olave@OlaveTheVERB — and Yordany Alvarez @AlvarezYordany.

So, let's get this straight. Olave knows he's called The Verb and now includes it as part of his online identity? Not only is that a bit bizarre, it's also a bit awesome. Or a lot awesome. One of those two. Welcome back to the game, you beast of a man.

* * *

Don't forget about the March to the Match before the home opener against NYRB. It'll be good fun, and there's hardly a better way to get everyone at the match rip-roaring and ready to go. If you've not learned the majestic "Believe" chant yet, I do think it's high time you do.

Right, that's really all I have today. Look out for the next Dog and Deuce Show episode, as I recorded it with the lads last night. I was, of course, talking about Real Salt Lake.

And if you're looking for something to listen to today, look no further than The RSL Show's latest episode. I've not started listening yet, but it's always quite good and worth attention.

'Til tomorrow, then, when we'll start the run-up to the first home match. Yum.