Monday Roundup: Gil called up, 27 playoff possibilities, and call-ups

Monday Roundup: Gil called up, 27 playoff possibilities, and call-ups


Monday, Monday, Monday!

Or, you know, something like that. It's not a hugely news-packed one, although we do know that Luis Gil will be departing for the US U-20s camp in Marbella, Spain at some point after the match on the weekend. Hey, LA Galaxy — watch out. That'll be a fun match, won't it?

Briefly, some of the other things I've written today: a tactical rehash over at The Sovereign, a quick report on Luis Gil and the U-20s and a look at the incredibly tight margins between us, Sounders and Galaxy, both over at RSL Soapbox. My, oh my. While you're in a reading mood, you can also read the Javier Morales piece I wrote on Friday — it's still applicable — and you can check out this interesting piece on carryover minutes from Hot Time in Old Town, the SB Nation Chicago Fire blog. (Trust me, it's interesting and non-biased. You can believe me, can't you?)

Right, now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about those tight margins. In the link above, I've outlined the many possibilities (27, to be precise) that could arise from the three matches played between this group. It's sort of like a mini-CONCACAF Champions League group stage, only, you know, not that cruel. It's interesting, because as much as there is talk of our season being rather miserable, we're keeping up well and we're nearly ready to pass last season's record. Whoops — real miserable there.

Of those 27 possibilities, nine of them see us finishing atop the pile of three, and four of them see us finishing level on points with either of the sides — requiring a tiebreaker. That's not so bad, is it? If we're calculating raw odds — which I'm not — then we're in a pretty good place. Hint, hint. (Keep in mind, this is only the case if we win the one match not involving either of these two sides.)

I'm wholly confident that we can beat both sides, but it's a matter of timing, luck and skill. But one thing's certain: We'll need to be at something like our best to even have a shot at getting those ancillary benefits. We need to be closer to what we showed against Chivas this time than what we showed against them at the beginning of the season. Obviously.

But that's not considering the fact that there's a CONCACAF Champions League match still to play, and if we need to rest players for it, we will. It's the biggest match of the season — once again. How many biggest matches of the season have we seen, now? It's stressful being a big club. I wonder — how do Toronto FC fans feel right now?

So, once I know more about who'll be absent with their national teams during the international break, I'll be sure to communicate that. Or you communicate it to me, if you're faster. It's a symbiotic relationship we've got here. Hopefully, it doesn't hurt us too bad — and would it be the end of the world if Kyle Beckerman missed out on a camp? I mean, I want him to play, and I want him to do well, but I'm terribly selfish, and that really is the ruling factor here.

Other than that, I'll announce very briefly that I'm now managing RSL Soapbox, in addition to my other writing, er, gigs. So don't you worry: I'll still be here writing Under the Crossbar, and I'll still be at The Sovereign, and perhaps I'll still pop up in other places as well. Anyway, thanks for the support, all. Onward and upward, I say as if I have anywhere near the clout of Jason Kreis.

Someday, maybe. In my Football Manager dreams.