Stats and Musings: Cards, aerial duels, through balls, passes and more

Stats and Musings: Cards, aerial duels, through balls, passes and more


It's been a bit of a slow week, hasn't it? Or at least it's felt like that. I suspect it may be partly me, but sometimes, these midweek drawls are too much. As such, I turn to statistics to see me out of the matchless rut. A bit twisted, but it is what it is.

Without much further ado, some scattered stats to fill in your day.

Team Stats

  • Most cards occur in the second half. This isn't particularly a surprise, given, well, a number of factors. But the number of fouls occurring very late in the match is, well, interesting. Roughly 24 percent of all yellow cards occur after the 80th minute, and about 26 percent of all red cards occur in the same period. It's not a surprise, but it's a nice little confirmation of what you might rightly suspect. 70 percent of all yellows appear in the second half.
  • Perhaps the interesting part to come from this is that six of the 35 straight reds we've seen have been handed out between the 15th and 30th minutes. This is more than any other period until you reach the 60th minute. As Spock would say: fascinating.
  • Not only has RSL won the second-fewest aerial duels per match (7.63 per match), they've also lost the second-fewest per match (7.91). I mean, that's no surprise — we're not an aerial team — but it puts a bit of a stopper on the notion that teams simply hoof the ball long against us. Likewise, it would seem to indicate that we have plenty of other options than just unleashing Saborio on other sides. Except, you know, when those other options don't work.
  • Speaking of RSL — we lead the league in through ball accuracy at 60.42 percent — but we're not exactly leading in through balls attempted or completed. New York Red Bulls have attempted the most (86), while Columbus Crew have attempted the least (26). We're somewhere in the middle (29/48).
  • Given how few goals we've scored from corners, it's not surprising that our corner accuracy is, uh, "lacking" at best. But it's pretty clear cut: Our corner accuracy rate is a meager 28.71 percent. Sporting KC lead the league in accuracy, with 49.22 percent accuracy. How exactly is this the case? I don't know. It's a little worrying.

Player Stats

  • Javier Morales is still pulling out the stops and making key passes, despite our recent dip in form. He's no longer top in the league, but he's in a comfortable fourth place (ahead of that rascal Landon Donovan) at one every 27.94 minutes. He's behind David Ferreira (1/27.72 mins), Graham Zusi (1/27.29 mins), and Mauro Rosales (1/26.53 mins).
  • Kwame Watson-Siriboe still leads the league in pass accuracy, with 91.85 percent accuracy (214/233). Nat Borchers is in third place, with 88.11 percent (719/816), and Kyle Beckerman is in sixth, with 86.90 percent (1294/1489).
  • Despite being quite effective in the long pass, only 11 percent of Kyle Beckerman's passes are long — one of the lowest rates in the league for players attempting at least 100 of those. Tony Beltran's right around there with him. Our lowest is Paulo Junior, who has attempted a measly five (2.21 percent), and Ned Grabavoy is there, too at 2.91 percent. Our longest-passing player who isn't Nick Rimando (59.92 percent of his are long passes), Will Johnson attempts the most, with 16.46 percent of his being long.
  • Alvaro Saborio has taken the most shots for minutes played (one every 29.24 minutes), but Paulo Jr. isn't entirely far behind — one every 31.24 minutes. After Espindola (31.64), there's a substantial drop off — Will Johnson is the next, at one every 56.41 minutes. They always say you can't score if you don't shoot. It is what it is, though.

Right, that's what I've got today. Have at it. Do they mean anything? Don't ask me.