Salt Lake still buzzing after exciting win over Portland

Salt Lake still buzzing after exciting win over Portland

Ah, a happy little Tuesday with a match-day Wednesday looming. It's the first mid-week match of our still-short season, and while it's nice that we're getting something soon — maybe something to prep us for the Rapids visit — it's a bit unfortunate that later this month we will go three weeks without a home match. Such is life, I suppose. At any rate, this is a short one, so there's that.

Today's a bit slow right now, but we do get the injury report later, so maybe if I'm feeling incredibly productive, I'll write another little something. To be honest, though, I will probably just wait until tomorrow. Big surprise. Anyhow.

Things are still buzzing in the Salt Lake after that win. Even bitter cold and a bit of snow couldn't keep a smile from my face. That win — oh, that win! I'm envious (ah, a deadly sin!) of everyone that took the trip to Portland, but I'm glad I was still able to watch among fans. It's always nice.

Anyway, I hope the boys are focused for this match. I mean, I'm sure they will be, but Montreal's not exactly a glamor team, and besides, we've got a cup to work toward retaining on the weekend. Still, first things first, and while we as a fan base are likely having problems not looking past this midweek match, I doubt the squad is. They are, after all, professionals.

A word for Jonny Steele, who looks to have blended really well into the squad. Were he not hit by injury early on, he might be contending for starts in these early days. Even now, I'd doubt very much that he's not in contention, especially after that (that!) goal. Now, I'm still waiting for him to launch a ball with his left foot for a racing Fabian Espindola. Let's see that, shall we?

And a final note about the Portland match: Nat Borchers breaks things down better than most players I've heard. In this ESPN 700 interview he talks about how we conceded two goals from throw-ins, what we could have done better, and a whole lot more. If he doesn't go into management when he retires, I'll be a bit disappointed. Only momentarily, but still. I'd like to see it. Anyhow, listen to it.

"Road wins give you an opportunity to play hard, to battle... to get in the mindset." — Nat Borchers

Right, a wee bit of news: Luis Gil has been called up to the U.S. Under-20 camp and will be attending camp from April 9 to April 16. Doing so means he will miss the game at Sporting KC, but I can't imagine any other games are in doubt. It is a nice recognition for the kid, though I think he'd have been capable of performing at the Under-23 level, too.

Anyhow, today really is a slow day. Tomorrow, I'll write a match preview, then Thursday, I'll write a match report, and somewhere in-between (ah! Is there anything in-between?) I'll attend the match and sing with the lot of you. You will sing, won't you?

Right, then. 'Til tomorrow!