Arsenal FC

    Thoughts on Aaron Ramsey: Arsenal 3-0 Fenerbah├že

    Aaron Ramsey has grown from being a kid with potential snatched from the jaws of the cannibalistic Alex Ferguson and Manchester United to a kid with a badly broken leg to a kid that's finally finding his feet again.


  1. Internationals

    Five thoughts on the US victory over Honduras


    The U.S. defeated Honduras 3-1 last night, but the outlay produced some mixed impressions of the Americans. Of course, they're off to the final, so any complaints should be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. Match Day

    Buck Shaw Stadium: A cold aluminum hell


    Buck Shaw Stadium. It's a hell of a place, although striking four of those words might be a bit more accurate: It's hell. Should that be capitalized? It's a creaking, rickety aluminum hell. Any type of liquid on those bleachers and you're likely to slip, perhaps to an uncertain fate; stand on the seats and you could well teeter over when your neighbor leans forward.